Hi, my name is Sérgio Rafael Siqueira, a passionate developer and lifelong learner.

I love create stuff and share knowledge, and Open Source Community it's a great way to do this.

Inbep Co-founder and CTO. An elearning platform with focus on safe work.

My current backend language is PHP and I use Symfony Components, Doctrine, Silex, Composer to help me daily.

I prefer PostgreSQL over MySQL because It has many engines and it's more easer to work with JSON. To cache use Redis.

For frontend besides HTML5, CSS3 and native JavaScript I use library like React and its ecosystem, Bootstrap and Sass If needed.

Also I like to study language like Python, D, Elixir and Perl 6.

I focus a lot time on programming concepts, functional programming, design pattern, principles (Don't be STUPID: GRASP SOLID!).